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Feeling Love Sick with Phantom Thread (2017)

*(sort of) contains spoilers* Since seeing Phantom Thread just before Christmas I haven’t stopped thinking about it. Not just because it’s a richly crafted film about passion, creation and obsession, but because it’s also – as you’ll no doubt be unsurprised to hear coming from me –  a film about food and appetite. Indeed this […]

Age and Appetite: Pranzo di Ferragosto/Mid-August Lunch (2008)

I’m clearly the world’s most useless blogger. Although I’ve been thinking (and writing) a lot about food and film recently, this post is long overdue. And as we’re well into summer and approaching the middle of August, I couldn’t resist the urge to write a little about Pranzo di Ferragosto/Mid-August Lunch (2008), which I watched for […]

Heartburn (1986)

Heartburn is chock full of food. Its heroine, Rachel Samstat (Meryl Streep) is a cookery book writer and Nora Ephron’s 1983 novel (which she adapted for Mike Nichols’ screen version) is full of asides in which Rachel discourses on the life-affirming qualities of potatoes, or offers up recipes for cheesecake, vinaigrette, bacon hash and peach […]