Happy Birthday Alfred Hitchcock! Hitch loved eating and drinking and there are many memorable food moments in his films. My BFI colleagues and I rounded up a few of them here, for 2012’s ’39 Steps to the Genius of Hitchcock’ project. At the urging of my boss, Robin, I also tried my hand at cooking […]


My friend Charles Barr is an eminent film professor with an obsession with Cona coffee makers on film. I fully endorse this and always try to make a note when I spot them on screen as in films such as The First Born (1928) and Brief Encounter (1945). One of our favourite uses of the […]

Mildred Pierce (1941 book, 1945 Michael Curtiz film, and 2011 Todd Haynes TV miniseries) is currently occupying my thoughts and my tastebuds. In all of three versions of the story, food – namely fried chicken, waffles and pies – is central to plot and characterisation. Food also conveys much about the gender politics of the […]